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Universal Athletic Club Lancaster

Celluma Contour Special

Celluma Contour Special

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Introductory Special

12 sessions for $149 • (30 minutes/session)


Celluma Contour:

Benefits Include:

· Reduce the circumference of hips, waist, and thighs

· Drug-free, pain-free body sculpting

· Improve skin texture and appearance

· Reduce fine lines & wrinkles & More!


When it comes to spot treatment, the Celluma Contour stands out:

  1. Targeted Therapy:

    • The flexible and adaptable design of the Celluma Contour allows for precise positioning over specific areas of concern, providing targeted therapy. Tthe device can be molded to fit snugly against the treatment area for maximum effectiveness. 
    • For spot treatments, the flexibility and ease of application mean users can quickly address specific issues without needing to undergo full-body treatments.


Please contact The Renewal Center at 717-569-4754 with questions, to purchase or schedule your appointments.

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