Multi Complete 1 Without Iron (Multi-Vitamin)
Multi Complete 1 Without Iron (Multi-Vitamin)
Multi Complete 1 Without Iron (Multi-Vitamin)

Multi Complete 1 Without Iron (Multi-Vitamin)

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180 Tablets
A widely-preferred multiple formula, iron-free
Distributed by the Nutrition & Wellness Center at Universal Athletic Club

Be sure to get the best possible nutrients with this pharmaceutical-grade, multi-vitamin carefully selected and recommended by our Registered & Licensed Dietitian. 

This iron-free formula option is most suitable for the majority of individuals. Multi Complete 1 is especially recommended for men, postmenopausal women, and women with light or normal menstrual flow who may not need supplemental iron.

The 1:1 calcium to magnesium ratio, high potencies of vitamins E, C, D3, and B-complex, bioactive forms of folate and vitamin B12, extra pantothenic acid for adrenal support, and full complement of trace elements distinguish this formula from ordinary multiple vitamins.

A clear, water-soluble cellulose coating protects the stability of the nutritional ingredients and makes the tablets easy to swallow. Each batch is tested using USP protocols to ensure proper tablet disintegration to help maximize nutrient bioavailability. 

After placing your order, your product will be available to pick up at the Nutrition & Wellness Center located inside Universal Athletic Club within 24 business hours.

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Questions?  Contact Michelle Rodgers, Registered Dietitian, at 717-569-4754.